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Water Proofing

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All masonry should be protected with a sealer to repel water and protect the structure from the wrath of weather. Masonry materials are proven to outlast any other building material and will last even longer when protected with a masonry sealer.


Applying Water Repellent Sealers to your masonry is good preventive maintenance to keep your Brick Veneer, Chimney, Sidewalk, Steps, Patio and even Stucco free of maintenance for many years.


Before applying the sealer, the structure needs to be in good condition, free of any cracks or voids and must not have any flaws in its design.


Much of my work comes from Water Intrusion.


The Mortar Joints need to be full and tight, not sandy. The Steps, Sidewalk and Patio, all need to have positive fall away from the foundation, drawing the rainwater away from the building.


The Chimney needs to have a properly installed Cement Cap, free of any cracks and not sandy. The Chimney Shoulder should be capped with a cement wash, with a positive downward fall drawing the water away from the building.


The row locks below the windows must be pitched downward, free of any voids, with caulking installed at the window.


The gutters must have drain spouts directing the water away from the building.


Once these details are in place, apply a Water Repellent Sealer and your investment is well protected.

Excess Water Erodes Masonry:

Avoid future repairs by maintaining your masonry in its vulnerable areas where moisture is abundant.

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