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Chimney Repair
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We originally were going to rebuild the chimney from the roof line up, but we noticed the lower part of the chimney was moving once we removed the chimney down to the roof.


I don't know why they used to build chimneys like this, I guess they wanted to exit the chimney at the peak of the roof where it is less work to make water proof.


So we instead took the chimney down to the floor in the attic and rebuilt  it straight up like it should have been, and it is now exiting the roof 2 feet from the peak.

We repaired this building after it was damaged by a runaway pickup truck.

Charlie, our estimator, spotted this buck following a doe on Theodore Wirth Parkway in North Minneapolis on November 8th.

We rebuilt this overhead after it was damaged by a speeding forklift.

Stucco chimney built with sand-lime bricks which had competely deteriorated and needed to be rebuilt.
Chimney after we completely removed the original. We used a more duable brick and followed a similar design and style to fit the building.

This was another stucco chimney with sand-lime brick on the inside; The wire lathe inside the stucco was the only thing holding it together. The homeowner chose to rebuild the chimney with face-brick, without using stucco; a better look and more durable.

Photo of restaurant.

I installed brick veneer on the inside of this restaurant in the Minneapolis warehouse district,

darker mortar was used to make it appear like an original part of the building.

We set up scaffolding downtown to rebuild several arches on a building that had damaged chaska brick.


This building in the Minneapolis warehouse district

needed several arches rebuilt.


These are Chaska Brick which are typical in many of the River Towns in Minnesota.


I have many of these brick salvaged from other projects in my yard.


Photo taken dring the repair process of the arches.
Photo of the brick arches before repair. Crack visable and sevferal bricks spalling.
After the brick arches were rebuilt. New bricks were used and they match perfectly with the original brick around it as well as the mortar.
Before repair
After repair
A view from a rootop downtown Minneapolis as Tim and his crew make repairs. Minneapolis skyline in the background.
Brick veneer installed in a restaurant in the warehouse district.

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