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Old Chicagos and Sandlimes

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Used Chicago Brick


These are a very soft and porous material, very brittle and susceptible to water damage. Much of my restoration work comes from these bricks.


Used Chicago Replicas


for a rebuild project of Used Chicagos, a blend of various matching colors is selected from different makes of NEW Brick for its durability to emulate the appearance of Used Chicagos. This process often involves bringing more brick than I need for a proper color combination to match the existing surrounding brickwork.

Water Damage Repair
Water Proofing Alterations Color Matching Specialists

This chimney was rebuilt from the roof-up using Used Chicago Replicas.

Sandlime Brick


Also called Cement Brick or Sugar Brick. These bricks are also a very soft, porous and brittle brick which are very susceptible to water damage.


They are not made of clay and were not baked in a kiln.These brick were chosen for the far side of buildings and structures that were not painted or covered with stucco.

Many older stucco chimneys were built with the cheaper sand-lime brick, knowing they were going to cover it with stucco. The stucco retains the moisture on the inside, where there is no air or sunlight to disapate the water, thus deteriorating the chimney from the inside out.

Sandlime Replicas


I have several matching brick selections for these brick in my inventory, several different shades of gray, depending on how the existing surrounding brick is weathered.


Many homeowners have chose to rebuild the chimney with face brick rather than stucco. It is durable and cost effective and eliminates the uncertainty of matching the stucco color.


In this case the original stone was reused on top.

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