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Matching brick and mortar color is an art in itself. The color is matched first and then the texture.


A matching brick color can be found for any given project.


When a matching brick is not available, a matching brick color can be obtained by staining or by re-using the original brick when they are not damaged.


Frequently, all the reusable bricks are cleaned (of the original mortar) and re-laid, and new matching bricks are integrated randomly.


For brick that has a blend of several colors, the color matching is easier. Each of the colors can be matched from different available makes.


The mortar color is obtained by mixing colored dyes into the mortar.


Knowing that a 100% perfect match is seldom possible, the mortar is matched one shade darker to the original color, for less contrast than if it cures lighter.

When necessary, the original brick can be cleaned "of the existing mortar" and reused.

The lower half of this stone work was tuckpointed and the upper half was rebuilt using the same stone.

The color matched well and the completion revealed no evidence of maintenance.



This brick panel had extensive water damage, "spalling brick", due to an open gutter above.  The brick matched well, considering the original brick were painted.

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